This page is dedicated to pets we have lost
Sebastian who was taken too early by a
loose dog in our neighborhood 9/2005
For those who have left footprints on our hearts
Princess was with us a
short time-we lost her in
2007 after rescuing her
KK-we lost her in
late 2007 of old
age after we
rescued her from
a gutter in 2003
Winston was a precious companion/client
who passed away in 2010 from a seizure
My precious Samantha "Sam" for who this
business was built for died in April 2010
after a short battle with cancer. She was
only 7 years old. Her little body was not able
to handle the one round of chemo and she
passed away with her family by her side.
I have sense dedicated my business
Precious Paws to her in her memory. She
was my best friend, companion and I miss
her terribly. She was a wonderful dog and
she taught me how to love unconditionally.
A lesson I think we can all try to follow
RIP April 2010
Patches was killed by a wild coyote in 2008
Nibbles was a precious
sweet pug-mix who lived
a long fulfilling life. She
had been suffering thru
some ailments for which
her body could not handle
any longer. She was loved
by all who knew her.
RIP Sept 2010
Bernie was a sweet
sweet 14yr old Beagle
who passed in May of
2012. His owner Mr.
Riddile will miss him
and so will we.
RIP Bernie
Thursday went
missing in early
2012 in North FTW
if you have seen
Thursday PLEASE
let us know~